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March 19-May 28 (roughly)



Knowing the Lower Chakras ~ A Virtual Course for Women

Join a small group of women in a healing exploration of the lower chakras this spring on Sundays from March 19-May 28. Cost is $500 for all 9 classes and recordings.

Knowing the Lower Chakras ~ A Virtual Course for Women

Time & Location

March 19-May 28 (roughly)


About the Event

A meditative journey through the lower chakras with discussion and trauma integration practices. We will fold art, writing, and self-expression into the practice—mandalas, journaling, offerings, and poetry—for those who enjoy the arts. We will come away with an in-depth understanding of these aspects of the subtle body, the purpose and function of the lower chakras, tools for clearing and balancing these chakras, and actual healing of trauma stored in these energy centers and the subtle body.

  • ROOT/EARTH—grounding, finding a sense of safety and security in the world, feeling nourished and abundance, knowing the earth, feeling at home here, feeling our connection to place and ancestry, opening to the gifts of GAIA, money issues
  • SACRAL/WATER—sensuality, sexuality, sexual healing, addressing shame, feeling felt, issues of trust, trusting reality, creativity, fertility, vitality, belonging in community, feeling held, feeling like your needs matter and will be met
  • SOLAR PLEXUS/FIRE—power dynamics, healthy ego and sense of self, the way we metabolize our experience, our radiance, feeling and being seen and recognized, coming into wholeness, individuation, sharing ourselves with the world

We will meet 9 times over the course of the spring months. It’s such a rich time to invoke the earth and her elements to arise and play within us. The dates are a little erratic because of my daughter’s school vacations and my own meditation retreats.

Here are the Sundays class will convene:

March 19, 26

April 2, 9, 23, 30

May 14, 21, 28

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