"I have very good leather to sell to those who want to make shoes out of it" — Gurdjieff

There are many ways to engage. Here are some of the most common doorways. If you’d like to get to know me and my work better, reach out. It’s good to meet, chat, and assess the situation. All prices and fees listed here are flexible and just to give an idea.

Schuyler Brown Mandala


Monthly Retainer

When crisis strikes a company, most leaders call the attorneys and the PR advisors. Caring leaders will also call in a corporate shaman: a being who can attend to the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and groups.

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More information about Corporate Shamanism

I have worked with CEOs, executive teams, and boards of directors through times of extreme transition. We’ve formulated plans and found ways to keep people calm and centered in the midst of chaos. Change always comes with resistance. Corporate shamanism can heal what’s broken below the surface, restore vitality to the culture, and keep spirits high even when prospects are unknown. The duration and frequency of the engagement is flexible. Once the crisis has passed, my presence is no longer needed. People learn important self-mastery and relational skills in the process. 
Schuyler Brown Mandala


$750 for 3 sessions/month + text/email support
6 months minimum

I love working one-on-one with people on their healing and development. This was how so much of my own learning happened, so it’s a space I know well. The intimacy and trust established in the relational field is sacred and a potent container for real and lasting transformation. We always work with what is most alive and allow the next step in your development to emerge organically from your own inner wisdom. I nurture that and guide you towards the movement of your soul's emergence.

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More information about 1:1 coaching

When I meet with clients, we start with whatever is most alive for them, or what has been most challenging. The process is energetic and real healing happens, long-held beliefs and patterns are changed, perspective shifts and opens. The masculine and feminine modalities figure prominently in my work, too. So there is often an education process and gentle guidance towards becoming a more integrated leader and human being. It’s beautiful, but not always easy.

In terms of the structure of the engagement, I charge monthly and require a minimum 6 month commitment for real healing to happen. Each month we meet three times for an hour-long session and you can text or email when you are needing a little additional support or clarification on a practice or assignment. The cost is $750/month.
Schuyler Brown Mandala


$1,5oo for half-day | $3,000 for a full-day

Each of us is here for a unique purpose. Now more than ever, the future depends on each of us stepping in. As an old world order destabilizes and old systems are replaced by new, what is yours to do? Why did you come to the planet at this transitional time? How can you live and work in a way that upholds your values, gives you pleasure, stokes your passion, and leads to fulfillment on a deep level?

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More information about Dharma Inquiry Sessions

The key to living a life in harmony with your soul’s work and in service to a higher power is dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that captures the very essence of right relationship, right thought, right speech, right action. Not “right” according to any external measures, but right according to the Laws of Nature, the Cosmos, and your own souls’ journey.
This offering of one-on-one dharma inquiry sessions puts all my skills in service of your deepest process of self-discovery. As a strategist, I’ve played a central role in the discovery of dharma for many organizations. As a futurist, I’ve provided key cultural insights to support visionary leaders across the business, political, technological, and spiritual landscapes. As an intuitive and empath, I’ve worked with individuals and groups to presence and witness personal, intergenerational, and collective blocks in the subtle body related to karma, conditioning, and traumas. 
While there is a loose structure to the engagement, the core principles of this work are presence and emergence. We open to receive the wisdom waiting to come hear the quiet whisper of the future. You’ll walk away with clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and a plan to pursue the next steps towards living a life in ever-greater alignment with your soul’s work. The bias is towards touching truth versus arbitrary action and external goals. This is not coaching, but sacred meaning making, integration, and initiation.

It’s a good time to engage with this work if you are:

- at a major life or professional crossroads

- unsure how to invest resources and direct the “choice-making power” of wealth

- eager to contribute effectively towards the emerging new world order 

- wanting more sovereignty, direction, or meaning in your life

- wanting to ensure the legacy you leave is aligned with your heart’s desire

Schuyler Brown Mandala



Investment: $1,500

ZOOM or in person at your location
(travel and lodging not included in fee)

Pre-session questionnaire

(completed by you on your own time)

One 30-min planning phone call

4-hour session tailored for you

(may include deep listening, intuitive and empathic insight, planning and mapping, visioning exercises, resource mapping...)

One 30-min follow up phone call



Investment: $3,000
 (can be done as two half days)

ZOOM or in person at your location(travel and lodging not included in fee)

Pre-session questionnaire

(completed by you on your own time)

One 45-min planning phone call

8-hour session tailored for you

(may include deep listening, intuitive and empathic insight, planning and mapping, insight generation)

One 1-hr follow up phone call

If you’re interested in learning more, I offer a free 30-minute call to answer questions, describe the process in more detail, and identify your driving issues. It’s good for both of us to know the fit is right.
Schuyler Brown Mandala



$2,500/day for group facilitation

I have been facilitating corporate meetings, innovation sessions, brand strategy sessions, executive retreats, and team retreats for decades. This is one of my most finely-honed skills--holding a room in a place of presence, establishing group coherence, achieving the goals of the group, opening to the inflow of unexpected ideas and creativity.

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More information about Facilitation of Meetings & Retreats

Whatever the meeting, if there are human beings present who need to be cared for and inspired, I am a wonderful choice. I have many tools and exercises for your specific objectives, am well-versed in design thinking and human-centered design practices, as well as theory of change. I have facilitated everything from high-level spiritual gatherings to multi-day executive retreats, to board meetings, to week-long personal development retreats for women. I have also facilitated focus groups and conducted consumer immersions with a variety of people ranging from children to truck drivers. 
My training in handling trauma has also made me capable of handling meetings where there is pronounced conflict, where the stakes are high, and where strong emotions are present. Issues related to diversity and inclusion, hierarchical power structures, gender inequality...wherever these issues exist, I have the experience and sensitivity to work with the group to get to the heart of the matter safely and back again to a place of mutual understanding. One of my teachers, Thomas Hubl, says one of the most important roles in the future will be facilitators of conscious group process. I believe this to be true and have worked hard to become one.
Schuyler Brown Mandala


Speaking fees and projects priced upon request.

Integrating the feminine principle into our life and work is one of the most critical things we can do to improve relationships, enhance vital energy, and restore balance on the planet. Through coaching and teaching individuals and teams, I share simple practices and train the subtle awareness necessary to shift gears from the unhealthy, toxic ways of relating we currently see as "normal" to something "magical."

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More information about Feminine Arts

This offering is about teaching, leading, and speaking publicly about feminine wisdom. I love to design and host events for women and female-identifying people to reclaim their deep inner knowledge of the feminine dimension and her many expressions. I have started women’s groups informally for communities and formally for companies. I have taught feminine mysticism and mandala-making. I speak and write frequently on the subject and plan to start offering writing retreats for women in the coming months.
Schuyler Brown Mandala


Workshops priced based on

# of participants and duration

Relational skills include emotional intelligence, deep listening, transparent communication, and empathy. I have taught all of these skills despite the assertion from some executives that these skills are innate and cannot be taught. Not true. Every single one of us has the capacity to be a better listener, a more empathic coworker, and a better human being generally.

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More information about Relational Skills

I offer small group sessions and larger workshops for teams or entire departments. Some topics include:

Emotional Intelligence 101:

EQ is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions; and to understand and skillfully interact with others in a way that respects their emotions. It includes mindfulness, self awareness, self mastery, social awareness and social skills.

Transparent Communication:

Finding the right ways to communicate as a team--rhythms, tone, values, personal communication styles. This workshop helps groups tune in with their own needs and find the words to express them. It also develops better listening skills. We look at the specific patterns and habits of the group and how they are impeding healthy, generative dialogue and efficient communication. We also address issues that have been swept under the rug but are still causing problems. It’s a huge relief for most participants and changes group dynamics permanently. 

Empathy 101:

Empathy is getting a lot of attention these days, partly because most companies are so bad at it. Also because humans are designed as empathic beings, but we’re out of practice and languishing. Current technologies are clogging our natural empathic channels and making us more and more socially awkward. When empathy is absent, humanity is absent, care is absent and everything feels cold. In this workshop we talk about the basics of empathy, how to work with it, how to manage your own empathic response within group environments, and how to be an empath in a healthy, productive way. It’s a genuinely useful and fun skill to have online. This is one of our most popular workshops.