"I have very good leather to sell to those who want to make shoes out of it" — Gurdjieff

There are many ways to engage. Here are some of the most common doorways. If you’d like to get to know me and my work better, reach out. It’s good to meet, chat, and assess the situation. All prices and fees listed here are flexible and just to give an idea.


Monthly Retainer

When crisis strikes a company, most leaders call the attorneys and the PR advisors. Caring leaders will also call in a corporate shaman: a being who can attend to the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and groups.



$400 per session | 6 months minimum

I love working one-on-one with leaders on their development. This was how so much of my own learning happened, so it’s a space I know well. The intimacy and potential for trust in these relationships is sacred.



$3,000 for half-day | $5,000 for a full-day

Each of us is here for a unique purpose. Now more than ever, the future depends on each of us stepping in. As an old world order destabilizes and old systems are replaced by new, what is yours to do? Why did you come to the planet at this transitional time? How can you live and work in a way that upholds your values, gives you pleasure, stokes your passion, and leads to fulfillment on a deep level?




$2,500/day for group facilitation

I have been facilitating corporate meetings, innovation sessions, brand strategy sessions, executive retreats, and team retreats for decades. This is one of my most finely-honed skills--holding a room in a place of presence, establishing group coherence, achieving the goals of the group, opening to the inflow of unexpected ideas and creativity.



Speaking fees and projects priced upon request.

Integrating the feminine principle into our life and work is one of the most critical things we can do to improve relationships, enhance vital energy, and restore balance on the planet. Through coaching and teaching individuals and teams, I share simple practices and train the subtle awareness necessary to shift gears from the unhealthy, toxic ways of relating we currently see as "normal" to something "magical."



Workshops priced based on

# of participants and duration

Relational skills include emotional intelligence, deep listening, transparent communication, and empathy. I have taught all of these skills despite the assertion from some executives that these skills are innate and cannot be taught. Not true. Every single one of us has the capacity to be a better listener, a more empathic coworker, and a better human being generally.

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