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Schuyler Brown Mandala

The Art of Emergence

My motivation is not to climb the ladder or shatter any glass ceilings. It’s to shatter the illusion of “reality,” the norms, and the ideas of status quo that are inherently out of balance, extractive and harmful to all living beings and the planet. My work now is to find and collaborate with leaders and people in positions of power who are ready to fundamentally change the way we do business and the way we treat each other when we’re at work. I want work to be a place of healing for all people; a place where individuals can individuate, develop, mature and express their fullest version of self. 

The Art of Emergence is my vessel for the work I do personally as a healer with leaders; as a facilitator of conscious group process; and as a writer and artist seeking to express her voice in the world. I have deep experience both in business and consciousness. Because I have done my own integration and continue to do it on a daily basis, I know how to guide others through the process of integrating these seemingly divergent value sets into something of integrity. 

Each engagement is unique and the effects are profound. The secret is that none of us really knows the answers from the state of mind we typically operate in...But, there are ways to listen in to our own higher intelligence for answers; ways to incorporate lost, ancient ways of knowing; and ways to download the future. This is what I do and this is what a handful of trusted collaborators I work with do. We’re being in business in a whole new way because our future depends on it.

Deepest gratitude to my teachers past, present, and future; my inspirations, ancestors, and guides: Hugo Cory, Janet Pfunder, Swami Prabuddhananada, Lama Marut, Lama Ole Nydahl, Sarah Drew, Lama Tsultrim Allione, David Sauvage, Thomas Hubl, Nicholas Janni, Gabrielle Roth, Craig Davis, Mikyo Clark, Dr. John Churchill, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Julie Winter, Marian Salzman, Winona Laduke, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Woman Stands Shining, Thomas Merton, Gurdjieff, Manuela Welton, Victoria Libertore, Marianne Williamson, Kevin Courtney, Bonnitta Roy, Eleanor Novobaczky, the plant beings...and all living beings.

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