Poem: Spring Stirring

I was inspired to write this as I come out of this COVID retreat. So many friends are feeling similarly, the stirring of spring coinciding with deep longings for communion. Enjoy.

Spring Stirrings

Eros. Young love.

Old lovers.

The emanation body,

The bliss body,

Awakening, going out to play.

Seeking another, as a reflection point.

As a reminder of what you’re here for...

Connection, union, dissolution.

A sense of the body

In space and relation

With each other

With the environment.


What is it that you want?

An end to the restlessness.

Comparing, jealous and empty inside.

Not enough, never enough.

Imagine complete absorption in the arms

and eyes of the beloved.


Sweet nothings until you are

Sweet nothingness.

The end of longing comes

With the complete fulfillment

Of one embrace.


Nowhere to go, no one to be.

No more healing to be done.

What is it that you want?

To be beyond fear.

A cessation of the anxiousness and the anger.

Always timid and acting with trepidation.

Fight, flight, freeze...

To be free of them all.

Imagine a ferocity of being.

Fangs and eyes wild.

You make yourself into a monster so

No demon can shake you.

Lose yourself in wild abandon.

Both fearless and fearsome,

But with a heart of compassion.

Where does ferocity meet bliss?

Fucking reality.

Two lovers meet after lifetimes.

The lovemaking has intensity, as if they might devour each other.

And yet they stop

Just short of eating each other up.

And in that pause, that restraint,

there is a love beyond desire.

Bliss comes in heaving breaths,

All hesitation is forgotten.

Action and non-action are irrelevant.

The intimacy is with Life itself.

As we emerge from these cocoons

Melting the wax casing of winter,

And the isolation of this era.

Let us know what medicine we need,

And what medicine we are to others.

Let us meet each other anew.

Remembering who we are, but forgetting all the rest.

Like lions, regal.

Like lambs, gentle.

Holding life like a bird in the hand.

Wishing for others what we most want ourselves.

Finding the love we need to see us through.

And coming home to each other in the silent caverns of the heart.

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