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The Sublimation of Desire

How to alchemize the energy of desire into bliss and creativity

This piece on Medium is about the topic of desire, specifically romantic or erotic desire. It pulls on my study and knowledge of Tantra, which is a deep and profound philosophy and way of being that goes beyond sexuality, but enthusiastically includes it.

I was inspired and emboldened to begin sharing these practices and thoughts more publicly by the seemingly endless stream of sexual misconduct ranging to indiscretions to outright abuse of power and rape. I am so tired of letting the pathetic mainstream discourse in this country (STILL puritanical) around sensuality and sexuality hover and fester in this immature state of exploitation, secrecy, and shame.

My commitment to embodiment and the sacredness of this earth integrates and includes a deep exploration of sexuality and intimacy. The healing we need now depends on opening these channels of communication and allowing the wisdom of the ages to come through our bodies in all kinds of ways. I honor the practitioners and teachers of these practices through time ----- many of them women.

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