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Embodiment Session @ The Stoa (video)

My friends at The Stoa invited me to do an embodiment session and it was yesterday. It was a lovely experience with an engaged group. The video is available on YouTube if you want to check it out. It's a nice introduction to embodiment. I plan to do a 3-part workshop at The Stoa in the fall, so stay tuned.

If you're new to the subject and are curious, I wrote about embodiment here. An excerpt:

Embodiment is the ability to inhabit one’s body fully; bringing awareness to the intangibles of life force (prana, qi), consciousness, intelligence, space, and sensation that animate us. It is a continual process of settling into and finding intimacy with oneself — being able to interpret and influence the subtlest states, moods, and changes. Another word I like for this is ensoulment.
Becoming embodied is a process of coming home; being centered in oneself. The result is the ability to access types of intelligence — direct, valid, non-conceptual heart knowing (buddhi); various types of spontaneous and intuitive knowing; instinctual perception; gut feelings; and the like — that we override or ignore in our addiction to the mental, cognitive realm. Through the wisdom of the body, we become more empathic and more sensitive to the subtle experience and needs of others, too…this can lead to deeper, more meaningful relationships.
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