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The Stoa and a Coaching Review

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

One of the great creative gifts of COVID for me was the birth of a virtual community called The Stoa. In the first weeks of the lock-down, Toronto-based, Stoic philosopher, Peter Limberg, began offering free online gatherings, talks, and classes at the Stoa. The whole thing operates as part of the gift economy and he's attracted some of the most influential and well-respected thinkers of this time onto the platform. I've learned a lot and enjoyed myself at The Stoa during this time when human connection is so ... different. I'm looked for clues as to our own evolution at The Stoa because this is where the edge is unfolding.

I learned of the Stoa originally from my friend and mentor, Bonnitta Roy. Bonnie hosted one of the most radical, beautiful--and important--online classes I took last year. It's a 4-part series called The Hollow and it explores time, change, and causality. I highly recommend this transmission of futuristic wisdom. Bonnie also convened me and four other amazing women to do a 4-part series called High Pitch: Conversations In a New Key.

Last week, I did a coaching session with Peter Limberg. I don't normally talk about or write about one-on-one sessions. This is a completely private and confidential service. But, Peter did me the great favor of writing about the session publicly in his email newsletter. I was honored and I re-share it here on my blog for anyone who might be curious about the one-on-one experience of my coaching. He writes:

"In Schuyler’s session, she basically helped me realize that my embodiment game could be so much better. I intimately felt my “desire to know what the fuck is going on” cognitive machinations, that were moving me towards understanding the world in a disembodied way. With gentle suggestions, she guided me back into my body, and I felt powerful. It felt like I was a king confidently sitting on his throne. It felt sovereign, it was hot as well, and a little dangerous. Feeling sovereign, hot, and dangerous can be an intoxicating thing, for myself and others. I did not feel like I was in the right relationship with this state though. If I keep doing things here, my sense is that it is going to be quite wise for me to get into the right relationship with this state. It was a session that made me realize my innate potency, and the work that is needed to hone it for the good."

I love coaching. I love working with people deeply one-on-one. And I love bringing people into a deeper understanding of the real power of embodiment. If you'd like to experience the wisdom of your own inner knowing, the sovereignty of sitting confidently on your own throne, contact me for a session.

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